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The experience that hard disk data restores
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Some day, after the classmate installed professional edition of newest Redhat Linux 7.2, discover its cannot guide the Windows Me that installs so from the GRUB of the belt, ask me to look.
I use Windows Me to be moved from the starting Pan Qi of the belt, the hard disk that discovers 40G cannot be found! Look with Fdisk, discovery has 4 partition only, and have 7 partition however so, it is Fat32 entirely. Fdisk shows now before ternary type is Non-dos, the last for Extended. Wow! Won't turn the Ext2 of Linux into partition entirely? Usage treasure PQ Magic5.0 (bit older, but good with) , look, do not give my place material as expected, the Ext2 that becomes Linux entirely is divisional! How to do? There are a lot of useful data of the classmate inside, expend energy to search, and without backup!

When asking the classmate installs Linux at that time, be how of partition and installation, I think " to be installed in partition of the last Fat32 gotten result, other the " that is blind spot! Alas, look get a make every possible effort! Resumptive hope is not big. Rebuild with Fdisk /mbr first advocate lead an area the record is saying, perhaps can search. But still use without giving thought to finally, nevertheless GRUB was deleted successfully. At this moment, I see there is Kv300 in my antique tool CD, the F10 function that hears of it (repair hard disk) quite strong, can take try. Alas, how to repair will repair is going returning an appearance? Washed-up, still use Kv300 guide area record to restore to go back, use other method.

so do sth over and over again a hour, cannot find hard disk at all with Scandisk /all. Examine divisional data with PQ Magic 5.0 later, also it doesn't matter makes progress, cannot be changed into Fat32 directly again with it. There is a bold idea in abrupt brain: Can you change Ext2 pattern compulsively into Fat32? This may save data come back, this also is my unique skill finally. Go ahead regardless, use this device! Started the tool that takes oneself in PQ Magic5.0 then, ptedit.exe, transform all divisional types into Fat32 corresponding 16 into make code, save file to disk exit, restart next, find all partition successfully unexpectedly! But C dish data was lost, listing catalog is farfetched thing only, other partition can list catalog, with Scandisk the examination divides C dish other wrong without discovery. Fortunately the classmate's data is absent C dish.

busy a many hour can loosen eventually the mouth was enraged. I estimate is install Linux in C dish, because the divisional information from the back operated error to destroy original divisional message when installation. The software of management of much operating system that also is new area of GRUB this Redhat Linux likely is immature cause, specific reason welcomes to discuss inside the " of " technology forum of An Ext2 partition is divided to give it directly with PQ Magic first when I suggest to install Linux, this convenient installation moment chooses.
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