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Safeguard data security is relaxed breakdown of repair soft Raid
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The end that we use RAID uses the fault tolerance of redundant implementation data of disk space namely, when disk occurrence breakdown when can ensure the safety of data. Nevertheless all these is to be in all disk or coil to issue implementation without the premise of any problems, must assure redundant disk or the normal movement that coil that is to say. The single disk in coiling when RAID appears after breakdown, although data won't be browbeaten possibly temporarily, but disk is redundant already not answer existed. Only ability of seasonable rehabilitate breakdown assures redundant existence.
So how to know RAID coils to had appeared breakdown? This is in window of ” of “ disk management is very easy see. The condition that malfunctioning RAID coils will show what fail for “ to repeat ” , and malfunctioning disk condition loses ” or ” of “ off line for “ .

One, the common position of disk and means of settlement
RAID-1 and RAID-5 are two kinds of kinds with the at present most general application, listed RAID-1 coils below or RAID-5 coils in the common position of disk, in order to facilitate everybody identifies the position of Raid.
· is online
This disk is usable disk and did not detect foregone mistake.
· is online (mistake)
This disk is usable disk but detect I/O mistake. The ” of disk of new activation of quick command “ that the user can carry out this disk can regain it position of “ online ” probably. This kind of status appears in dynamic disk only.
· off line
This disk is not usable. This is caused by physical disk or the breakdown of transmission medium normally. The user can try to carry out operation of ” of disk of “ new activation to have repair, if failure can carry away only,this disk carries out “ to delete disk ” quick command. This kind of status appears in dynamic disk only.
· is exterior
This disk is move from another computer those who come over. In the quick menu of this disk executive “ guides command of exterior disk ” guides this disk.
· is missing
This disk has damaged or disconnect join. The attempt executes operation of ” of disk of “ new activation, if become state of “ online ” irreparably, can carry out “ to delete disk ” operation only. This kind of status appears in dynamic disk only.
· not initialization
Disk is effective information from MBR (advocate the record that start) in missing, or an effective GUID (Globally Unique Identifier, overall situation is unique identifier) from GPT (global partition is expressed) in missing. Can appear when the server installs new hard disk normally this kind of circumstance, initialization disk can solve this problem.
· is in initialization
This kind of condition can be in when basic disk changeover is dynamic disk, appear. Need not intervene artificially, the meeting after changeover is finished regains online position.
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