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Installation file system - FreeBSD technology abstract
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FreeBSD keeps the file the storage equipment such as existence disk to go up, come by the operating system the problem of equipment of hardware of specific processing visit, the user needs to confront an operating system only, can undertake specific file is operated. After the operating system has the device that is used at memory the format is changed above all, this equipment ability is used at memory file, this equipment can be floppy disk, can be partition of a hard disk, other perhaps an equipment memory medium that allows random access. The storage equipment a general designation after Unix admiral format is changed is file system, formatted process is called establish file system. (the equipment that because tape is a kind of order,accesses, because this cannot establish file system on tape. )

Medium, different to differring operating system undertakes to disk the format changes the means with management to also differ, formed the file system of different type so. But what the operating system gave an user to provide a kind of standard is general access means, needing a consideration when accessing a file so is to be opposite system of which kinds of file undertakes operating. But different file system still has a few difference, for example CD file system is read-only medium, still system of a few files is not for Unix system design, accordingly the standard such as attribute of file name, file differs with Unix, freeBSD changes these differences as far as possible when visitting these file systems, compensatory these file systems are done not have, but the property that system of Unix standard file needs. Such these file systems look identical with standard file system, it is the physical restriction that certain operation accepts file system itself only, attempt to add the file on CD for example keep property, cannot finish apparently. FreeBSD supports a variety of file systems, among them the commonnest have:

UFS file system: It is the standard file system on FreeBSD, it realized all standard file attribute, if the file is belonged to,advocate peace group, access the attribute such as attributive.

Cd9660 file system: Support the CD-Rom of ISO 9660 format, this kind of format bears the file name that 8 basic length expand not length, divisional size is written 3 times only, but the Rock Ridge that FreeBSD supports it is patulous, make its can use the long file name of Unix style.

NFS file system: Network file system, through it Unix can share file system on the network.

Msdos file system: The FAT file system that DOS and Windows use, basically be to use the file name of 8.3, expanded after Windows95 the length of file name, but not divisional still big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral. The long file name of FreeBSD support Windows95 expands and the partition of FAT 32 format.

Ext2fs file system: The file system that Linux uses, this type is not the file system that default supports, need configures a kernel afresh.
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