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Detailed of RAID configuration tutorial is solved (1) - dynamic disk overview
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From distantDOSThe times arrives presentWindows XP/2003Systematic times, be based onWindowsThe storage system of platform appeared two big kinds, namely ” of “ basic disk and ” of “ dynamic disk.

What ” of “ basic disk points to is fromDOSThe times has put the sort of storage system that be in. Among them be patient of advocate disk partition and patulous disk partition, still can have logistic disk partition. The divisional type that basic disk uses says to give priority to the record that start (MBR) , advocate the area of the first fan that the record that start is located in basic disk to go up. Advocate there is the important information about disk structure in the record that start, begin number of fan area, end fan area, fan division and divisional message for example (namely divisional watchFAT) wait. The computer that uses to the individual and quite one part server, great majority is system of storage of ” of use “ basic disk.

” of “ dynamic disk is fromWindows 2000The system begins to be introduced,
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