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Dd usage
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Dd jussive usageDd command is the means that will read extraction data to be appointed by parameter from inside standard input output to the standard into commutation evacuation. Besides data commutation, return the physical property that can use a few parameter to revise a few data. Be like piece size. Dd jussive option reachs a meaning: Ds=blocksize specifies the size that inputs output piece, this option makes Ibs and Obs option invalid. If=filename designates the file name that will copy an inputIbs=blocksize specifies a size of input file. A number that the Eof that pass indicates jumps before Ifskip=numberofeof is appointedBefore Files=numberofblocks is being copied, had jumped to appoint numerary on input file piece. Of=filename designates the output file name that establishObs=blocaksize specifies output piece sizeWhen Seek=recordnumber copies a file, the beginning that appoints input file records bugle call. Conv=conversionparameter specifies the type that data changes, the parameter that describes data to change a type has ASCII, EBCDIC, block, unblock.lcase, , ucase.
Give typical examples: Output File.dd disk file. Dd If=file.dd Of=/dev/rfd0135ds18
The file changeover that deposits EBCDIC format is ASCII fileDd If=file1 Of =file2 Conv=ascii
3 files that get on tape copy file File1Dd If=/dev/mnt0 Fskip=2 Of =file1

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