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LINUX is in embedded the practice on the system and discuss
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1. Fulfil a goal
What mature in is embedded on hardware platform, install the LINUX of KERNEL 2.6; In order to carry out an embedded development preliminary.
   2. Hardware platform
The EmCore-V611V12r/E533 of VIA company
Its platform basically applies at thin client computer, machine to carry box, inquiry on the head machine, gateway, etc. Opposite hardware configuration is tall, the condition is not slashing also, but right patulous, upgrade etc the demand is high.
The VEPD of VIA company is X86 framework in Embedded outspread, so can move breed uses a sex strong, development cycle is short wait for a characteristic.
   3. Install LINUX
A. Initialization CF gets stuck
CF card is inserted on the ID1 of host machine. The format turns CF card, build a file. When CF card leaves factory, partition is as follows commonly:
0. . . .Bootloader
1. . . Configuration of.Factory    
. Kernel and root file
Divisional 0. . . . Place Bootloader
Divisional 1. . . . Place Factory   Configuration
Divisional 2. . .N places file of kernel, root to wait
The Bootloader of the hardware that differs commonly and LINUX is endless also and identical. If UCLinux is general,wait with COLILO.
Embedded uses file form has JFFS, JFFS2, EXT2 commonly. And we present can support EXT3.
1) Fdisk /dev/sda
2) Mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1
Also can change a tool to finish with the graph of course 1) 2) measure.
B. The necessary file related to CP is built on CF card
1) Mount CF gets stuck
2) build / Mnt/cf/boot, / the catalog such as Mnt/cf/boot/grub.
3) the file below CP Grub arrives / Mnt/cf/boot/grub, the root file with other CP.
C. Compile the 2.6 kernels that are aimed at target aircraft
File directory is my source / Data/linux-2.6.6, output catalog setting is / Data/cf
1)cd /data/linux-2.6.6
2)make Mrproper
3)make O=/data/cf Gconfig
The hardware that pair of target aircraft basically are here chooses relevant hardware option, abandon the option that goes wanting. Drive of CPU choosing VIA FAMILY, FLASH is chosen in MTD, return card of card having a net, USB, sound to wait
4) Make O=/data/cf
The Vlimuz below 5)cp /data/cf/arch/i386/boot, Initrid.img arrives / below Mnt/cf/boot
D. Install Grub
1) revises Grub.conf by target aircraft
2) carries out Grub, enter the order pattern of Grub
3) Grub>Root (hd1, 0)
4) Grub>Setup (hd1)
5) Grub>Quit
OK, find a place for finish.
E. Close machine, take the card that frighten CF, insert to target aircraft, switch on the mobile phone, guide. . . . . . . . Be successful! ! !
   4. Otherer embedded development
With the comparison of other, little carried out across to compile, alternate link, stub is debugged, program FLASH puts the position in to allocate inside, burn the Bootloader that writes FLASH to wait, but good germinant the beginning that is a success.
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