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FreeBSD, real choice
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When speaking of free Unix, people thinks " is Linux" normally. Of course, linux application is very wide, and (almost) everybody has heard of it. The amount of new user is in all the time growth, media (no matter be of " professional " ) undertook a lot of conduct propaganda to it. A main reason is Linux moves technically in use the most extensive Intel compatible computer to go up. Of course, it still can move on a lot of other processor, because a concept of Unix is " ,we are paid no attention to is what processor " . However, if Linux is a special processor to undertake developing merely, it won't score such success possibly, or, want hardship at least a few.

But free Unix is not to have Linux only: BSD is familial also be. It has 3 main branch: FreeBSD, netBSD and OpenBSD. BSD is the abbreviate of "Berkeley Software Distribution" . If you want to know more news about Unix history, you can consult Article 176. (through the consideration, that article did not discuss to mix about BSD the distinction between System V: That can write a book completely. ) the distinguishing feature that every branch has him:

NetBSD can move on a kind of any platform almost, include a lot of old computers: Think to have the 30 platform that differ to 40 kinds for the moment. NetBSD proved to mention before us: Unix does not care about processor. If you are in the home,perhaps is a quite old " rubbish " in the job, this is your very good choice. I use NetBSD a lot of years on Amiga and Intel machine, and I feel pretty good.

OpenBSD is one of the safest Unix. It is a very ideal server platform, of course, it also can move on a lot of processor. It may be one of systems of the most server be usinged as on Internet. But it regards family expenses as utility is not very ideal however, nevertheless, everybody does choice … according to him be fond of…

FreeBSD is above the " synthesis " of two kinds of BSD. It is dedicated at Intel and Alpha processor, and from " accedes over there OpenBSD " system of one part security. As Linux, it moves at Intel processor to make it becomes one of BSD with the widest application. It also is a of domestic user very good choice. But this is not to say you that this cannot use it in the job!

There still is a few here the thing about FreeBSD: They (interpret notes: Point to member of FreeBSD Core Team) the free software part that shares " Mac OS X with Apple company " . And, I like OS X…… to say by the way very much, not bemused: Although OS X is to be based on BSD, but its kernel follows FreeBSD do not have any relations however. What it uses is the Mach kernel that has used in NeXTstep, the " father " of OS X: Apparent, since coming out at 80 time end when NeXTstep, this kernel developed many.

Now, we saw …… makes us farther thorough.

   1.Obtain and install FreeBSD

With most free software, freeBSD can carry up and down from the Web site of FreeBSD. Apparent, this needs very high join rate. Need not worry: The finds FreeBSD anyplace CD that you can get on in the world.
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