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The FreeBSD system that runs on the floppy disk that make
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Test platform: FreeBSD 4.5Release (i386)

Everybody may have seen a lot of Linux that move on floppy diskSystem, the FreeBSD that can move on floppy disk is less instead, although have PICOBSD, a long time awaits PICOBSD and cannot satisfy very much howeverWeneed, can you make a FreeBSD system that runs on floppy disk with oneself so? The answer is affirmative. I am in the Project that safeguarding a FloppyFirewall, it is a runs on floppy disk firewall system that is based on FreeBSD and IPFilter, after a lot of netizens were using Floppy Firewall, hair mail comes to an inquiry how to make FreeBSD moves on a piece of small floppy disk. But as a result of before paragraph time thing is too much do not have time all the time, find time eventually today, draw up the process that makes the FreeBSD that moves on floppy disk so will be shared with everybody, have wrong place, still ask everybody to give advice or comments.

   1, the brief introduction of the process that start of FreeBSD

After reading in MBR when BIOS, the program in MBR reads in hard disk FreeBSD Slice (FreeBSD is divisional) medium bootstrap, to load of the meeting below bootstrap acquiesce circumstance / Boot/loader, next Loader to load / Kernel, right now Kernel begins to detect a few hardware and do a few initialization. The Kernel after initialization is finished Mount Root Device, start systematic initialization process next / Sbin/init, init general basis / the setting in Etc/rc will undertake initialization wait.

The share that can see we need to solve is: Bootstrap ->/ Boot/loader ->/ Kernel ->/ Sbin/init ->/ Etc/rc

After be in with the problem after understanding the process that start, we can begin to make the FreeBSD on floppy disk.

   2, initialization floppy disk

What should do above all is to want floppy disk initialization, include to install Disklabel and establish file system (the format changes Ufs pattern) .

Bsd# Disklabel -r -w Fd0a Fd1440

It is installation bootstrap next.

Bsd# Disklabel -B Fd0a

Floppy disk can have guided now, but because we want to be above it,place an order, want to establish file system so.

Bsd# Newfs Fd0a

A moment ago had done bootstrap, because bootstrap is met to load / Boot/loader, so we return need general system medium / Boot/loader duplicates in floppy disk.

Bsd# Mkdir /fd
Bsd# Mount /dev/fd0a /fd
Bsd# Mkdir /fd/boot
Bsd# Cp /boot/loader /fd/boot/loader

According to FreeBSDthe process that start, now
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