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OpenBSD kernel is compiled and optimize
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Want to compile a kernel, need a whole Syssrc package, this east east can obtain through CVS or FTP means. Want to download through CVS means, hit on SHELL:

Export CVS_RSH= "/usr/bin/ssh "


Want to use elsewhere server, see complete CVS server list please.

Cd /usr &&Cvs Checkout -z9 Src/sys

Want to download with FTP means, arrive please: Ftp://

After download is over, can put it / Usr/srcCatalogIn, and unlock:

Cp Srcsys.tar.gz /usr/src; Tar -xzvf /usr/src/srcsys.tar.gz

Do decided source code, can be configured next and compile a kernel. Because the kernel configuration file of OpenBSD supports much platform, so the configuration file of corresponding platform is deposited in / in Usr/src/sys/arch/$ARCH/conf/ , the $ARCH here is the platform name that you use. WeIt is an introduction to have the option that optimizes action to the kernel with I386.

Processor and I/O part have:

Option I686_CPU

This is very simple, like FreeBSD.


Unless your machine often must connect FPU to be done not have,do not open it.


Switch on the mobile phone defer is put out.

Option UVM

System of advanced and fictitious memory, speed place is offerred to use when the system has trade.

Option MFS

This also like FreeBSD meaning, use at building memory dish visit speed in order to promote data.

Network share has:

Option NMBCLUSTERS= "8192 "

Like FreeBSD meaning, the network when promoting Gao Liu the volume manipulates rate and increase kernel stability. If flow is low,can use 1024 or 2048.
Additional, the net card facility that does not need annotate is dropped, can reduce kernel capacity to promote the rate that start so.

Disk device part has:


Withhold the systematic memory of 45% to regard a file as systematic cache, just as its name implies, according to effective system memory number takes a cost, recommend take a few lower cost.
Additional, like network share, the disk facility that does not need (Scsi, Ide) annotate is dropped.

Matched a kernel, ordinal dozen:

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