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Brief introduction of partition of UNIX hard disk
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The original intention that writes this documentation is when chatting with a few friends on the network, often can be asked about this problem, replied a lot of times. The settlement for get sth done once and for ever this problem, the decision writes a documentation, when after going to the lavatory, be being asked about again Copy, ah. In the meantime, also be to help oneself consolidate ceaselessly these knowledge, be a rough a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches.

” of brief introduction of partition of “Unix hard disk this headline is a little big, it is to introduce the partition of Solaris and Linux only originally, but the knowledge that also hopes familiar to other UNIX friends share you, the UNIX that you are familiar with, for example FreeBSD, scoUNIX, hpUNIX the knowledge of hard disk partition that wait, share comes out. If discovered the error in the article, contact me please (; , if undertook modification to the article, leave your name and connection way please.   

Ok, claver says less, let us enter subject:   

   Brief introduction of partition of 1.Solaris hard disk  

Below Solaris, a disk includes 8 partition, mark is 0 - 7. This information can carry Format order, choose a hard disk to see next, for example, in the system in myself (Solaris 9, ultra 60) , show the news that come out is as follows:

# Format

Searching For Disks. . .done


0. C0t0d0

/ Pci@1f, 4000/scsi@3/sd@0, 0

Specify Disk (enter Its Number) : 0

Selecting C0t0d0

[Disk Formatted]

Warning: Current Disk Has Mounted Partitions.


Disk - Select A Disk

Type - Select (define) A Disk Type

Partition - Select (define) A Partition Table

Current - Describe The Current Disk

Format - Format And Analyze The Disk

Repair - Repair A Defective Sector

Label - Write Label To The Disk

Analyze - Surface Analysis

Defect - Defect List Management

Backup - Search For Backup Labels

Verify - Read And Display Labels

Save - Save New Disk/partition Definitions

Inquiry - Show Vendor, product And Revision

Volname - Set 8-character Volume Name

! - E, then Return


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