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The contrast of NAS and disk array ark
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The information tool with serve as current and main as IT product applies in great quantities in us among daily life, job hind, bring about have electronic data to grow into geometrical class to the enterprise from the individual, of data bulk expand the bitter fleabane break out of the storage equipment market that increases to stimulate all sorts of configuration directly is exhibited. The demand development to storage equipment produces the consumes one of large family small and medium sized business that in last few years each store equipment manufacturer is aimed at IT product a sundry storage equipment, the NAS of equipment of two kinds of storage that represents current main trend among them and disk array ark receive many application in all trades and professions, the near future is aimed at the popular topic that which kind of storage equipment suit NAS and disk array ark to apply into them between small and medium sized business more in memory bound. Is the fact how? Let us undertake concrete analysis to these two kinds of equipment together.

One, the notional introduction of NAS and disk array ark

NAS English full name is Network Attached Storage, but interpret adds for the network memory, it is backup of storage of data of a kind of special network implement. It is a center with data, depart storage equipment and server thoroughly, concentration manages data, release bandwidth thereby, improve performance, reduce always have cost, protection to invest. Its cost stores under use server far, and efficiency is far however outclass is latter. NAS can satisfy those hopes to reduce memory cost but cannot bear again the demand of the medium and small businesses of SAN high price, have quite good gender value to compare.

Disk array ark

RAID(Redundant Arrays Of Inexpensive Disks) of disk array abbreviation, have ” low-cost and the meaning of redundant disk array ” . Its principle is to use array means to come disk group, cooperate the design that data arranges dispersedly, promote the security of data. Disk array basically is aimed at hard disk, on capacity and speed, cannot catch up with CPU reachs the development of memory, put forward to improve a method. Disk array is by a lot of petty gain, capacity lesser, stability taller, rate is slower disk, combination becomes a large disk group, the addition effect that uses individual disk to offer data place to arise will promote whole disk systematic efficiency. In the meantime, storing when data, use this technology, become data cut a lot of section, deposit respectively go up in each hard disk. Disk array still can use parity to check (the idea of Parity Check) , in the either in array when hard disk breakdown, still can numerate data, when data reframes, the data inside breakdown hard disk, new place enters new hard disk after classics computation in. And disk array ark assembled numerous hard disk namely outside the RAID of buy.

2, the characteristic of NAS and disk array ark compares:
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