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How to raise RAID5 data to restore to be led successfully
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Appear in the certain hard disk of the server when breakdown, general server can have clew of an Offline indicator light, right now requirement user changes an in good condition identical hard disk, and new desired result calculates law. Say this is very normal unit process of cargo bandling normally, but little imagine disaster of a lot of RAID is from this and those who cause.
Compare much RAID5 disk array to be with amount of a hard disk exemple, in the many hard disk that purchase probably at the same time, a few had appeared not to stabilize a phenomenon. And the Offline clew of the server may not be the most accurate, classics regular meeting signs up for by accident (the factor that also hard disk is not stabilized) or it is the hard disk that omits other to be put in hidden trouble as much. Looking be like common go up compulsively in line process, hard disk needs to undertake be readinged in great quantities writing operating, it is an acid test right now: Lucky word nature is spent smoothly, and star-crossed can bring about other hard disk to drop a line suddenly, make an issue more thorny right now.
Of course, appear a hard disk drops line hint, or it is the clew dropping a line in less than of limits of RAID fault tolerance, go up compulsively line or the operation that must execute. But before having this one situation, suggest everybody detects strongly the stability circumstance of each hard disk, such ability are more safe. Everybody can not ignore a such little detail, often this one pace can let RAID server was not avoided at breaking down.

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