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Who is best? Foreign picture shares service evaluation
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The picture that everybody likes to which website use most in home shares a service? If free the word of the standard that is you, that has by tens of thousands community can choose to upload a photograph to be shared in order to offer close friends for you. The album with free nevertheless great majority can have the restriction of capacity and single picture size. So far the website that what picture likes to share in netizen of transpacific United States? Recently, the author understands them from foreign media is respectively: Flickr, photobucket and Zooomr are right 3 person undertook evaluating. The friend that is interested in order to offer is referenced.

   1. Photobucket

It is very easy to be registered in Photobucket without what farfetched information should fill in, dan Gang logins go in our look arrived with respect to chronic attention "in-your-face" advertisement area. Founded instantly subsequently identical upload with batch implement uploaded a photograph, give us impression the deepest is 97 pieces of photographs upload a net to go up inside very fast time however.


Graph 1 just loginned undertake seeinged ad

Back-to-back we established an album group, this is a first-rate function. Want you to allow only in album group, you can be mixed the member that comprise shares you to upload a photograph together, and label very easily picture.

This album returns OK and convenient setting to become slide form, and you can use the Remix of Adobe Premiere Express undertake handling to your slide. If music is joined inside, the character edits vivid Flash form. And OK still it with Email, the form of Blog sends your good friend, still can add like MySpace, on the community such as Facebook.

A bit regretful nevertheless is in Photobucket the picture that you cannot upload to others directly leaves a message, and the comment has again in the album that should join his first, this kind of expression that lacks alternant sex has bit of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing it seems that.


Graph the 2 pages that upload a photograph through Photobucket

At the same time Photobucket already served website Meez collaboration with 3D fictitious figure of place, after you upload a photograph, can enjoy all sorts of services inside Meez.

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