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Fictitious hard disk of Windows 7 or VHD of will primary strange support
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A help wanted of Microsoft showed a few days ago, systems of next generation Windows 7 will lay pattern of supportive VHD fictitious hard disk formerly, the bounds between farther ambiguous and fictitious machine and host PC, predict to will bring the application of a lot of new forms.

VHD is Microsoft the form of use file of fictitious machine mirror such as Vitual Server of fictitious machine software. This help wanted says, the group of correspondence of this work station develops support of VHD fictitious hard disk technically for Windows 7, be in charge of making Windows 7 gives birth to support to found formerly, to load, uninstall VHD mirror, output an operation to using an input actually.

VHD of primary strange support will increase a lot of interesting application for Windows 7, for instance the user can use existing VHD mirror, start this mirror from host machine directly, implementation performance is the greatest change. Also can be in Windows system to load mirror, make after revising, be started from its again. Again for instance, the operating system henceforth backs up the likelihood will simplify to found mirror of a VHD purely, carry file of a VHD to move to was equivalent to taking away whole hard disk.

Latest news says, windows 7 of current inchoate test version had added the support of VHD:

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