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How to search the Chinese service instruction of English software?
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1. chooses professional IT to search engine
Specialization, it is the direction of a development that searchs engine. The characteristic of this kind of engine is only and essence of life, won't appear irrelevant result.
For example, easyRecovery is a very good data restores software. Want to look for its use tutorial, in “ plan world network - I search (Http:// ) “EasyRecovery” is searched directly in ” , search in all give 14 records (Http:// Srchstr=EasyRecovery) , all and relevant, it is to tell what how use.

Other search index prop up:
Celestial pole full text retrieves a systemHttp://
Network of Pacific Ocean computerHttp://
Compass of —IT of Sai Di netHttp://
IT worldHttp://

2. chooses appropriate keyword
Professional search engine smooths only only, but possible leakage drops a few webpages. In common webpage search index is propped up (dog of Baidu, Google, one search, search) in, want to use appropriate keyword only, can search arrives the information with valuable more.

One of keywords: Tutorial, use, skill, guideline, strategy, manual, use tutorial, use skill, from 0 learn to rise, arrive from the introduction perfectness ……
This is simpler, everybody can think of. When writing article introduction software, the author often uses the vocabulary above. So, can take these words to serve as a keyword. Cite a case, newzCrawler is reader of a RSS. Search in Baidu for the keyword with “NewzCrawler tutorial ” , can see detailed “lifefamily immediately- - does NewzCrawler use a tutorial [graph] (Http:// Name=lifefamily&id=7) ” .

Of the keyword: Click, Next
These two words, in those literary workses that show English software, those who use is very frequent, and have certain particularity. “ clicks ” , that operation does not need to use click; “Next” , a function is impossible do calm, need comes step by step, next also is indispensable.
AntiSpyware is the counterespionage software that Microsoft rolls out recently. In Google search “AntiSpyware clicks Next” , the 3rd is software of strategy of detailed of application of AntiSpyware of software of “ Microsoft counterespionage - ” of plan world network.

Of the keyword: The English word on this software interface
Introduce software, affirmation should explain the word on this software interface.
If downloaded AD-aware, observe it advocate interface, , choice “Scan Now” serves as a keyword, be in with “Ad-aware Scan Now” Baidu look up, can receive the service instruction of this software

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