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Microsoft surmounts Gu Ge to search 5 big " additional kind " method
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According to foreign media coverage, search market share for promotion, shorten the difference with Gu Ge, microsoft was to adopt those who fling caution to the winds almost desperately method. Since such, the analyst gave counsel for Microsoft a few days ago, the 5 big “ that to favorable balance of trade Yue Guge searchs are additional kind of ” way.

Search market share to rise, microsoft takes the lead in in January 31 bade be in harmony of 44.6 billion dollar buys Yahoo. After be rejected by Yahoo, microsoft offers to buy the search business of Yahoo again. Last week, microsoft rolled out “ to use Live search to return cash ” activity again.

To shorten the difference with Gu Ge, microsoft it may be said is to fling caution to the winds. Since such, microsoft still can be passed the following

5 big “ are additional kind ” track will achieve this goal:

1. With Live the search returns ready money

Of course, this and Microsoft last week return cash activity to differ, this is true return ready money. Use Live is searched, microsoft pays 5 cent. Press every months of 3 billion search quantity, need to pay 150 million dollar so. And what enough of 44.6 billion dollar lets Microsoft last this activity activity 23 years is long.

2. Holding “ in the arms to do the purpose that destroys ” to buy ad of cereal song key word

3. Invite Yi Kan of · blocking Er to start dealership to contend for battle to Gu Ge

4. Hijack domain name

5. Invent a kind of “ to regret medical ” , can return once upon a time, the problem that repair sees currently

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