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How does door of the Ministry of Public Security arrest a hacker
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What everybody may become aware is very strange! Is of door of the Ministry of Public Security how to go to those who catch a hacker? Actually besides obtain cooperation with telegraphic branch beyond greatly they give " of Technical Division of so called " the issue that stresses a hacker these Technical Division unlike you are alike so fierce! [Also cannot say generally of course] among them one the settest also hit the target the IP that leads highest method to be recorded through the log namely will discharge check.
Somebody can ask the likelihood: Had I deleted log file to you still can be caught? Tell you: 89. Of 5% meetings! [This per cent can not be I am made up come out oh] . Not gibberish!
The method of Technical Division: For example I am late on July 19, 2004 8: 39 minutes of 31 seconds are brushed with the log of small banyan write software erase all IP perhaps appoints IP. Technical Division takes the hard disk of this hapless company to do backup first, use similar FinalData next.
Disk of other perhaps what restores EasyRecovery before software restores by schedule one hour or all files of before one minute, next. . . . . . . ! You call *** you was arrested, you have authority to keep silence but what you tell will answer become. . . .

So if everybody inbreaks is more intractable place or the word of what branch! Two words: Be careful!

Settle way: The United States hires male porcelain to offend  of condition of porcelain of  of press and smooth of  condition  to overspread INDOWS of 猈 of leech of ∫ of regret collect  hey in is imitate delete! Although you use Format C: Does Quan  Cui suffer from ask  forcedly friend to strong tip says point to boast a standard?

Searched on the network! Discovered this!

3.SecWiper V1.0

[Brief specification]

SecWiper is one runs those who go up in Windows surely the console coolie of erasure file is provided, once erasure, lose forever, the risk is in charge of oneself!

Function brief line is as follows:

1, support Windows 9x/me/nt/2000/ . . .

2, carry out a movement strictly according to standard of international safety erasure

3, can delete a file thoroughly, and support is connected match accord with

4, can delete catalog thoroughly, can include all subdirectory

5, can keep clear of thoroughly the file that all likelihoods in disengaged disk are restored

6, ensure the file after keeping clear of cannot restore a tool with the data such as FinalData, RecoverNT, EasyRecovery

You can ask how you know these, . . . . . . . . . [Be at ease I had been not caught @@~ ! [Be at ease I had been not caught @@~ !!
Return now at least.

Still be a word! Do not make the main engine of others in disorder without the thing! The broadband space that I also use them commonly of what
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