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Play what revolution occupies restored R-Studio to use common problem to solve
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1. I lost my information. Mix before reductive data how should be I done in reductive process?

The operating system regards the file that be deleted as disk the free space that go up. Any is opposite of this partition or disk keep an operation, always be possible permanent and missing because of enclothing these files. Accordingly, do not keep any content to data disk, do not run any disk tools (for example disk detects and the fragment trims a program) , cut restart by accident computer. In the process that start, windows can detect disk. Should avoid to be carried out in reductive process keep an operation, do not return original document or the drive that keep a mirror to place of the file that be deleted.

The driver that to be being deleted the file is in, the mirror that you can found it likewise (from menu of “ driver ” choice “ founds mirror file ” ) , maintain it presence on another driver. This mirror can replace original driver to use later. This saves driver namely the means of current condition. Tool of all R-Studio series (include to demonstrate version) found and use what all support file of same pattern mirror.

2. A logic is only divisional on my only system hard disk, my need is urgent restore a few files that delete by accident. How do I use your software to restore these files?

You can use R-Studio software to restore the file that deletes by accident. If there is a logistic partition only on your systematic hard disk, we suggest you are migratory this computer (the hard disk on PC1) , the computer that before adding this hard disk to another, installation has R-Studio (on PC2) . You can serve as this hard disk go from driver attach, perhaps use HDD-to-USB adapter to come attach goes (strong thrust Jian uses compatible USB2.0 to undertake counting is defeated as it is said acceleration) . The hard disk of notebook computer also can pass special adapter to receive PC2 repeatedly. Run the software on PC2 next, what the search adds the missing file on hard disk.

If you are OK without another add or the PC of join hard disk, so you can consider to use R-Studio software only, you can try following methods:

1. download R-Studio Emergency Media Creator arrives PC2, establish R-Studio Emergency CD or floppy disk group (first selection CD, because support the equipment more of CD) . Run PC1 from the starting media that found, use R-Studio Emergency restores data. Notice R-Studio Emergency does not support a file to preview please.

2. installs R-Studio and download R-Studio Agent Emergency Media Creator arrives PC2. Moving R-Studio Agent Emergency Media Creator founds R-Studio Agent Emergency to start CD or floppy disk group. Run PC1 from the starting media that found, establish the network link between PC1 and PC2. Restore missing data through the network.

3. R-Studio series tool from which does disk restore a file?

Below Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system, the file of all physics drive that R-Studio will restore an operating system to see and logistic driver. Below Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME operating system, r-Studio will restore the file of all logistic driver with visible operating system, and the file of all physics driver that subsystem of I/O of Windows protection mode can visit correctly. R-Studio network edition still can restore the file of the driver on long-range computer, if these computers are running R-Studio Agent or R-Studio Agent Emergency.
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