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The experience of rescue of hard disk data that what takes to save you talks
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As a result of technical maturity and the fall that produce cost, the price of hard disk falls madly all the way with what its capacity becomes inverse ratio, the hard disk of average now average user at every turn 120G or 160G, a few like download east the player east is the hard disk that used 339 Gb more. The hard disk of high capacity and high rotate speed brings more storage spaces to the user, at the same time, it also brings more instability, the data of for no reason at all of classics regular meeting is missing cannot take a system, it is GAME OVER of whole hard disk very more. Many users are complaining, how won't those small hard disk often give a state instead before?

Actually, the generation of these problems is concerned with the quality of hard disk not only, and with us the habit of user use hard disk also has very big concern. Hard disk regards an electron as the product, occurrence data is missing waiting for a phenomenon is commonner, accordingly, it is important that as the user we want nurturance Wu share the good convention of data, master a few skill that solve common data to lose breakdown at the same time, such ability are in necessary when seasonable rescue gives the data in your hard disk, fall the harm that hard disk attaint brings to lowest.

One, against a rainy day, talk about the partition of new hard disk

Take a new hard disk, wanting the first thing that do is divisional of course. The importance of this one measure is very easy by user oversight, average user is met the partition of hard disk of arrangement of very optional ground. Actually, the security of the convenience sex that after whether reasonable immediate impact goes to hard disk partition, works and data.

Partition of 1. hard disk is basic knowledge

Tell hard disk partition, have to introduce divisional basic knowledge for everybody. After finishing hard disk partition commonly, can form the divisional state of 3 kinds of forms; Namely advocate divisional, patulous partition and logistic partition.

Advocate partition is a purer partition, the foremost face that is located in hard disk normally in an area, make logistic C disk. Among them advocate the one part that bootstrap is it, this paragraph of program basically is used at detecting the validity of hard disk partition, certain activity is divisional, be in charge of a DOS that guides authority to turn over mobile partition or other operating system. Attaint of this paragraph of program will not guide from hard disk, but from can undertake reading writing to hard disk after flexible division or optical division.

Patulous partition and the concept with divisional logic are more complex, may create hard disk partition and logistic diskette promiscuous; The 4th byte of divisional watch is divisional type cost, the basic DOS partition that normal guidable is more than 32mb is worth for 06, patulous DOS partition is worth is 05. If basic DOS partition type instead cannot start a system 05 times, and cannot be read keep among them data. There still is other data to be used at record partition in divisional watch initiative or end an address. Confused or what the attaint of these data will cause this partition is missing, cannot undertake resumptive by hand commonly, only method is to use the partition of backup to express data to be written afresh, perhaps be the same as a type from other photographs and divisional state gets partition to express data on identical hard disk.
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