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Website of company of Indian safety software is atttacked by black visit user
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Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, safe researcher says, the website that India fights company of technology of AvSoft of poisonous software firm by black and be used to baleful software is installed on the computer to the person that visit.

According to the presiding research of safe company AVG government-owned Roger Thompson says, the download part of the S-cop website of AvSoft company is mandatory this kind of baleful code. IFrame infuse atttacks breach a webpage of this company. This makes clear, any people that visit this website may be a victim. Wanting appropriate protective network server is very difficult.

In a few months in the past, this kind of technology that this company website uses had sufferred this kind of attack thousands of cases. Aggressor opens an IFrame window on victim browser, lead the user to another server. That server will issue attack code, try to install baleful software on the victim's computer.

IFrame webpage is network development staff is commonly used to the technology of built-in content in the webpage. But, because it can found an invisible IFrame window, the hacker often abuses this kind of technology to guide the victim stealthily to baleful website.

The AvSoft company that is located in Xin Deli sells product of two kinds of software that reduce toxin, a kind the name is SmartCOP, another kind the name is Smartdog. This company is in the United States very famed also, the data after doing virus technically to atttack resumes the work. This company did not publish a comment to this report.

McAfee safety studies manager Dave Marcus thinks, the hacker uses breach of mistake of network process designing the website of this company, probable the SQL that is this website or the mistake in PHP code. Safe expert expresses, the criminal wrote automatic search process to seek this sort in the network model safe flaw, affect this kind of website automatically next, make this problem became a kind of common issue thereby.

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