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Applied data protects politic conventional data to protect a way
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The data that has a lot of kinds of traditions protects means to satisfy the time limits of RPO and RTO, these practices are differentiated to be the following kinds: Duplicate, CDP mixes mirror of backup, disk, snapshot VTL. Backup is carried out in backup window everyday. In 20 years of in the past, in ensure application software, it is OK to the application software related to the database can be interrupted in the window or suspend be being obtained thereby especially the data carbon respect of recycle, expended much investment. If do not have the investment of these significant mainframe software and backup process, the full data that all unwarrantable trading can with can be being applied program place knows otherwise by capture, so that be used at restoring the usability of the data carbon of utility,sell at a discount greatly.

Old since, people developed various meanses to shorten the off line time of application software. These will continue is the respect that people pays close attention to, in the meantime, pair of different user application that come from the spot and the test of all sorts of client environments also are very important for new to every kinds method. Establish government the process, smallest change implement complex rate, ensure contain a lid all application and the reliance that how obtain pair of new methods, it is a client refuse or protracted the account that uses new data to protect a technology.

   One. Breakdown reachs the reason with missing data


  2. Conventional data protects a method

 1. Backup

  Complete backup / restore

Complete backup / restore to be used at all data types, it is the commonnest data protection method. This method undertakes to data 100% duplicate, it is normally a complete file or roll, from advocate disk duplicates tape or backup disk. Backup carbon is not executable, and must be passed restore ability to be able to be made visit by applied process. Below most circumstance, back up and resume a course traditionally from its carbon meeting correspondence is affected again with the program need to suspend applied program even.

Backup or resumptive boy or girl friend are older, the time that applied process and its user await is longer. To pivotal business or the applied process that generate profit, any time that wait to finish backup or resume an operation mean cost.

File or the complete backup that coil and restoring is data in protecting a technology, be the most time-consuming, and may not easy arrangement. Research of several years shows data of a lot of backup and the data that back up before are identical. Back up many untouched data produced a large number of needless repetition redundant data, protect strategy as data however, back up completely and restored to offer higher reliability, because this still is continueing,be used by people.
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