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Not by " B " psych out, hard disk breakdown restores
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One day, one colleague himThe computerMove an unit to let me maintain, he says: Hard disk has bad track. the computer all sorts of lines had been received, switch on the mobile phone to look, cannot enter a system, disk scanning program uses below DOS:

“Scandisk C: ” cannot undertake after all, choose detailed scanning, beginning to be in those who have bad track of a few “B”(to express symbolic) as expected. Be hard disk bad? This computer has been repaired to be in before me D dish on kept clone file, classics inquiry C dish without important thing (note: If have important file, can hang hard disk receive go up in a computer, duplicate useful thing again come out. ) , with Ghostits cloneRestoreTo the condition previously, after restarting, scan again discover all “B” disappear.

Do not have a few days, the computer of one friend cannot be printed, printer driveProgramAfter deleting, reinstall again, breakdown as before. Restart make mistake, with Scandisk scanning, before discovery half area has 2 “B” , look as it happens is part of printer driver document. After restoring with Ghost, restart, breakdown disappears. If you encounter a few strange phenomena, can look have “B” , can not want to be psyched out by “B” place, after the format is changed or Ghost restores, “B” may disappear.

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