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Challenge breakdown, software of my hard disk rehabilitate uses experience
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The author often undertakes to having the hard disk of “ ill ” small long small fill, use most is halfProfessionalhard disk rehabilitateSoftware. I had tried this kinds a lot of software, be in finally my machine child in leave HDDREG, MHDD, FBdisk only, and the DM tool of a few former plants, as to the SCANDISK of MS, do not say.

The author most when beginning to repair hard disk, often what software uses in disorder, the DM tool that often makes so that hard disk connects former plant as a result even BIOS does not admit. I receive the hard disk that should repair to be able to acknowledge two responsibilities certainly now, it is the data inside it is not important to weigh, 2 it is BIOS can admit. If data is more valuable than hard disk, I can let this user spend money to look for professional; If BIOS does not identify this hard disk,then I am done not haveMethod. Get online again next, seek the data that seeks concerned type (tool of method of breakdown reason, processing, former plant) . Final ability begins to start work.

The flow that manages here is:

The first, use the tool of former plant first, for example DM undertake the processing such as ” of ” of “ to clear, “ low standard to hard disk first.

Such doing have the following profit: The tool that is former after all plant is safer, 2 it is small issue DM is solved possibly, 3 it is some hard diskRepairSoftware can make hard disk so that do not identify even the tool of former plant, the tool that former plant just recalls when arriving is too late. Software of other of the reoccupy after passing is handled above classics, hard disk repair time can shorten greatly. Because have the sign of bad ” of the “ on some of software, virus or the because of abnormal switch machine certain place bid hard disk, become one a short while repeatedly when these bad bunch, use other software processing directly, its cost the imagination that exceeds you possibly. I ever had encountered a hard disk, the bad bunch that has 10MB left and right sides is together repeatedly, have on 10 thousand bad bunch, and a hour such as HDDREG, MHDD just handles hundreds of, do you calculate how long wanting a flower? With rehabilitate of software of other of the reoccupy after DM has been done, this area also does not see bad cluster again, whole hard disk just hundreds of, repair rises much faster.
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