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Analyse technology of fiber-optic disk array from systematic framework
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The growth of type of current world information explosion, besides bringing greater development power to the development of science and technology and technology, the data storage that also gives a company brought enormous challenge. However, the most crucial part in regarding business information as storage system -- disk array, may not of a lot of people can say clearly.

Disk array technology was born 1987, by American California university uncle overcomes interest component school to put forward. The core design concept of this technology is RAID technology. Original title is “Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disk” , the original intent that develops it is to combine diminutive cheap disk will replace old costly disk, in order to reduce the cost that big batch data stores. Also hope to carry the kind of redundancy at the same time, make data won't be lost when single disk invalidation, because this opens the RAID data that issues different level to protect a technology, devote oneself to to promote data visit rate gradually on this foundation. This name later instead “Redundant Array Of Independent Disk” , but still call “RAID” .

Through old development, the value of the data in the enterprise is higher and higher, and bear the weight of the disk array of these data also gets even more the attention of the user. Distributing from the market can see, memory and server place occupy scale to show ascendant trend of year after year. The powerful demand of the user also created tremendous business chance to storage system supplier at the same time. At present on the market not only all sorts of products that old brand manufacturer is offerred, all sorts of systems that also newly established company is pushed newly. Natural, the disk array on current market also is the picture of bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration. While the user had numerous choice, also had the bewilderment on the choice. Accordingly, we with respect to the angle from architecture, brief analysis is current the otherness of disk array, the hope is choosing the reference when disk array to the user.

Current disk interface has IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC to wait for a few kinds. Among them IDE interface disk is being replaced by SATA interface hard disk, will exit historical arena gradually, both and main multi-purpose at the desktop; SAS interface disk also is washing out SCSI interface gradually, the low end that uses occupational company very quickly the market; And FC(Fibre Channel, fiber-optic) interface hard disk is born even if lean technically in the light of Gao Ke, tall usable, high-powered enterprise memory applies, not only interface rate is rapid, and support double port visit, pass strict manufacturing technology control again, dependability is very good. Because lay an advantage these days, FC interface hard disk is in enterprise user there is absolutely dominant position in application of crucial data storage especially, also be the first selection disk that high-end memory uses.
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