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The document that lets be deleted by accident is broken and regain
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I have a habit when deleting a file, press Shift Delete to delete its directly namely, always feel so OK to leave out Qing Dynasty reclaims for nothing the trouble of the station, but not long ago I do not take care to delete all and useful file in a certain folder thoroughly, it is afterthought not is reached really when discovery. How to do? The course appeals with all possible means, find edition of Chinese of two software EasyRecovery6.0 and FinalData OEM edition eventually. These two software can discover a lot of websites to offer download through searching engine to search.

Use method

When specific applying, finalData and EasyRecovery are used rise very intuitionistic, there are relevant clew and specification when EasyRecovery6.0 is being used especially. And the introduction that uses a method about these two software on the website is very much also, finalData, there is an article to introduce very in detail on Http://, I am operated namely according to what the article says, how do here I introduce me only simply use EasyRecovery6.0 Chinese edition.

1, the EasyRecovery that start is entered advocate after the interface, choice data rehabilitate the interface that if pursue,can appear (see a picture 1) .


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2, in on the right side of choose means of any rehabilitate of a kind of data to be met appear corresponding usage clew, if I use DeletedRecovery when will search and restoring the file that already deleted, can be in corresponding use clew appears on the right side of the interface (see a picture 2) .


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3, the file place drive that chooses you to want to restore undertakes scanning, also can input file name directly below file filter or connect match accord with to be found quickly a certain or some kind of file. If should carry out more complete scanning to partition,can tick off choose “ option of complete scanning ” .

4, after scanning, the file that you once deleted and folder can appear entirely come out, what need now is patient ground is searched, tick off anthology, because the position of the name of folder and file can produce a few change, how didn't file name change fortunately (if pursue 3) .


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5, if cannot affirm whether the file is,want to restore, can examine file content through examining a file to command (see a picture 4) .