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Make hard disk complete cast off 5 big barpque questions
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Read in taking hard diskInformationOr in keeping data to hard disk, it is almostWeWant the ” of “ obligatory course that do everyday. But be in the process that visits hard disk often, we can discover a few barpque “ annoy ” to raid from time to time to hard disk, ” is annoyed in these barpque “ before, many friends often are behaved can find no way out, what can father to affect hard disk again so apparently very much is efficientThe jobEfficiency.

For this, below the article annoy a few barpque “ that come up against very easily ” phenomenon summary to come out, annoy ” to feel pulse for each “ ask medicine, raise the goal of hard disk work efficiency in order to achieve!

   One, hard disk space is strange decrescent

The friend reinstalled Windows XP operating system in his computer recently, after installation ends, he examined the surplus space in partition of hard disk C, discovery has the surplus of 65% about, when but passed,he examines the surplus space in partition of hard disk C again after period of time, discovery has the 50% surplus that be less than only, and he believes firmly to any files are saved in be in this period of time and doing not have partition of C of past hard disk, why is space of that hard disk met abrupt decrescent? We whether seek the disk partition space that disappear?

Although the friend does not have divisional middleman and guarantor of C of past hard disk to keep any files, but Windows XP operating system is running a course for long in, the log file with meeting generation not small size or temporarily file, be these accumulate the rubbish file that come down for a long time to be in “ stealthily the space that ” cutworm is feeding partition of hard disk C. The “Windows Emp” folder that these rubbish files can protect partition of C of existence hard disk automatically commonly counteracts name of account of user of “Documents And Settings in Local SettingsTemp” folder, because they do not have how old and effective use, we can enter these folder windows regularly in, delete them in time, so that them the disk space that take up is released,come out. Of course, if we often use IE when the browser undertakes online browsing information, the webpage content cache that IE also can have visited us before arrives in partition of hard disk C, the disk partition space that this part content wastes also is not small amount sometimes, for this we can arrive regularly name of account of user of “Documents And Settings content of this part rubbish deletes lieutenant general of window of folder of Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files” . If we had undertaken upgrading operating to Windows XP operating system, so we still can be pleasant to the eye in “Windows” folder window to similar “$NTUninstallK***$” such system backs up folder, once we the system reductive
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