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Day establishs the system of Nexsan ATAboy2 RAID that compose builds driver of D
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Education is being changed. Lecture, the old pattern of seminar and handwritten education had fallen behind. Today Oslo(Oslo)The student of the university, inNexsanScience and technology (company) stand with dayDeskstarBelow the help of hard disk driver, guiding to change: The lecture notes that learn quickly and lets stale becomes the past.

Oslo university is Norwegian the biggest the oldest higher education institution of higher learning. This school holds water at1811, bred a lot of20The academic ideologist with the greatest century, also be the alma mater of gainer of 4 nobel prize.

But neither one organization can rely on fame only and live. Restrospect to2000Year, school set program of a long-term action, make it stands in the forward position that contemporary study from beginning to end. Not only such, this school still realizes responsible guiding whole Norway enters new media period.

The informatization economy of “ Norway grows too too slow. This kind of state posed a challenge to Oslo university: Promote value innovation, develop new way of collaboration. ”
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