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The common breakdown analysis that hard disk cannot start reachs processing
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AsComputerThe mainest storage equipment, hard disk has decisive place in computer system. If hard disk cannot be started, can make in your sink hurry-scurry, here introduces ” of weapon of a few kinds of “ to you, cope with the ” of “ chronic and stubborn disease that hard disk cannot start technically, you can be used carefully oh, otherwise, can injure hard disk.

Breakdown phenomenon one: The screen after switching on the mobile phone shows: “Device Error” , show again next: “Non - System Disk Or Disk Error, replace And Strike Any Key When Ready” , explain hard disk cannot be started, after be being started with floppy disk, in A:≫ hind keys in C:  talks about?ldquo;Invalid Drive Specification” of Huang allow chaste tree, the system does not identify hard disk.

Breakdown analysis reachs processing: The hard disk in CMOS installs parameter to lose or commonly hard disk type sets a mistake to cause the account that causes this trouble.

Enter CMOS, examination hard disk installs parameter to whether be lost or hard disk type is installed wrong, if be this kinds of breakdown truly, need to set hard disk parameter onlyRestoreOr revise come over can, if forgot hard disk parameter won't be revised, the CMOS information that usable also backup passes undertakes resumptive, if you do not have backup CMOS information, also fasten urgent, the CMOS of a little high-grade personal computer has hard disk of “HDD AUTO DETECTION”(to detect automatically in the setting) option, can detect automatically a parameter of hard disk type. If do not have this, be forced to open box, examine the hard disk parameter on label of hard disk surface, revise according to this can.

Breakdown phenomenon 2: After switching on the mobile phone, “WAIT” clew stays for a long time, final occurrence “HDD Controller Failure” .

Breakdown analysis reachs processing: The cause that causes this trouble is contact of interface of hard disk line commonly undesirable or wiring is wrong. Check the link of hard disk power supply cord and hard disk first, line of data of reexamination hard disk and muti_function the join of card or hard disk, if join,receive even the line can have afore-mentioned clew instead, had better be to be able to seek a type identical and use normal personal computer, the join of cable of OK and comparative wire, if wire cable is received,turn over a be clear at a glance.
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