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PC3000 installation reachs use detailed solution
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One, install PC3000
1, build catalog C:v12
2, include PC-3000 V12 software implicative and all subdirectory one case, duplicate C:v12
3, will work dish of partition (200M above) , the format is changed, install DOS system file.
4, edition of Russian of Vgaga.exe Emm386.exe() Himem.sys file duplicates C:v12 in.
5, editor Config.sys file, must have among them: Device=c:v12himem.sysDevice=c:v12emm386.exe (module of to load Maxtor should add RAM parameter at the back of Emm386.exe)Dos=high, umbBuffers=60Files=45
6, editor Autoexec.bat file, the proposal is as follows: Path C:v12;c:;C:dOs
7, editor Pc3000.bat file, the proposal is as follows: Cd C:v12Vgaga (the code that prevent chaos is stationed in take a course)Pcdosemu 2 (appoint PC3000AT to wait for long hard disk to receive in which IDE interface, 1=IDE 1, 2=IDE 2. )Shell (program of PC3000 SHELL crust, transfer into other subprogram (module) always attemper)
Start afresh after entering DOS, input Pc3000 enters PC-3000 module automatically to choose menu namely.
Note: Above setting, the hard disk that be repaired must jump the line is “MASTER” and receive in “IDE 2” mouth

2, PC3000 upgrades method
Will upgrade after bag solution is pressed, duplicate all gotten documents C:vIn 12 catalog, enclothe homonymic file.

3, PC3000 file explains
.EXE executes an order
.INI is configuration information file, generate automatically
.LDR circuit board condition lades file, use at cannot admitting normally dish, adjust what circuit board makes to be in preparative condition
.RSC code file, save the in-house parameter market that numerates from hard disk
.CFG configures a file
The BIOS file that.BIN numerates from hard disk (binary system)
The BIOS file of.ROM hard disk (can deposit many BIOS at the same time)
The record that.LOG user uses a certain module (generate automatically, can delete)
Collect of.SMA S.M.A.R.T parameter, use at recovering from an illness the S.M.A.R.T parameter of corresponding series hard disk
Collect of.SSO SELFSCAN instruction
File of.PGM entree simple structure
The configuration that.CP elder brother vacates hard disk, formation file is saved after numerating
.RPM calls the in-house parameter that numerates orderly by BIOS, the file that keeps
.DAT hard disk detects data
The RAM content of.RAM diamond hard disk, save formation file

4, actual combat
Whole thing does not have the article not to explain especially for example, all use the DSP1.22 that stride develop to be exemple.
Everybody takes PC3K, the mainest use is firmware and P watch. I am told from firmware first case.
Above all, we want to be clear about: Firmware (FIREWARE) be located in hard disk 0 before, it is existence hard disk dish piece go up, is not to be in a certain chip with dish of medium body. Accordingly, we should write firmware, should ensure above all the negative talk of hard disk (the track that deposits firmware, UBA) without bad path. How be differentiated, take a hard disk, on the horse when electrify listen carefully, view hard disk when be being started (when finding self check) have “ rustle ” a kind stridulation, if have, that hard disk need not be repaired. Next we enter PC3K advocate interface, jump hard disk the line is set receive for safe mode. I should be carried again here, alleged safety (factory) mode, actually with respect to an action: After hard disk electrify won't rise automatically turn, must be waked up by AT instruction.
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