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Pc3000 V12 skill
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Breakdown:   makes an appointment with the Pc3000 on Hu brilliant? also is method of maintenance of successive and ceaseless self check: Without giving thought to,make mistake after  雙 C3000 it, enter elder brother to vacate entree sheet, this looks for those who be less than parameter constantly, be in next hard disk cuts off the power.1:  ?-4 writes the Ldr2 of corresponding model: Ru of helmet of young soak  flinchs ability beach asks  ? revises Lba address size, with model parameter (because read the Qing Dynasty after Ldr empty) . Save certainly next, hard disk cuts off the power automatically to rise again. At this moment the self check with should normal hard disk.3:  leg Da says?lba address scans (live: LE wants a hand to move certainly seal 0, 0 1, 0 2, 0 3, 0 4, 0) is bad path completely, do servo to scan can complete rehabilitate. Such hard disk breakdown maintain capacity of possible hard disk meeting halve. The reason is to have oh performance of magnetic head is bad, cause hard disk successive self check is less than parameter. Be the most professional for the maintenance that Pc3000 maintains equipment to vacate hard disk to elder brother, basically achieve 85 % to control (the maintenance that includes 0 among them) Pc3000 enters elder brother to vacate after establishing, choose the size of hard disk, next: If hard disk is bad path of a few physics, 5 when use a program, lba address scans, went, automatic scanning arrives 100 % , can see the list of bad path next, 2 carriage return, the system goes to screen of physical bad path automatically in P-list. Scanning next, affirm. It is so simple. The Lba address with useful Pc3000: 60G LBA:12047808840G LBA:78198750 AS40G LBA:8031507230G LBA:5863334420G LBA:39876480 AS20G LBA:4013250315G LBA:2933683213G LBA:2676038410G LBA:200440808.4G LBA:165140647.5G LBA:146682906.4G LBA:125949605.1G LBA:100025284.3G LBA:8421840

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