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With PC3000 long Fuji opens the whole process of bad area
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Hard disk model: FUJITSU M1636TAU
Breakdown phenomenon: FORMAT format is changed extremely slow, MHDD274F is checked have piece gules, green.
Reference material: PC3000 Fuji opens Chinese bill of fare, PC-3000AT Ver4.
Maintain measure:
1. Moving MHDD, scan for many times, gules, green cannot decrease.
2. Moving PC3000, I am jump hard disk give priority to hard disk, do not know how factory mode jumps, check bad path to seem to not was necessary to jump into factory mode! The choice enters entree sheet after hard disk model, seeing the magnetic head of hard disk is counted above the window at this moment is 2, cannot revise, the likelihood is the magnetic head number that shows hard disk is actual!
3. Begin from the first menu, the first is servo test: Check the rate of servo electric machinery of two magnetic head respectively. The individual thinks the track of PC3000 scans is with time the mark that make check allows, the moving circumstance that what this time represents is servo electric machinery, exceed time to express to have bad way. Just think if hard disk bad path, magnetic head is read when taking cannot read, servo electric machinery locates bad path is in for many times necessarily. This one checks time should be to regard as fiducial those who use. Should doing exterior scanning and logistic scanning should doing this one first, be being told from the principle should be such, how to know others is done?
4. Exterior scanning: This one is according to actual hard disk the structure scans, having what I choose two options is Y, do not know what meaning, such scanning should be stricter! Scanning hind has a list, this watch after pressing carriage return is written into the blemish list of factory class.
5. Call in-house format to change a course: This one is must, I once did not do this one result to detect with MHDD plateful bad path, still think hard disk submitted an expense account:) , the ability after doing this one can use logistic scanning, magnetic head number is 16! This one I am replaced with the general erasure in general module also can finish, just rate is extremely slow, do not know LFORMAT is OK also?
6, logistic scanning blemish: This one scans with the surface about the same, just hard disk is logistic fan area! When options chooses Y, cannot use, the likelihood is the reason of D edition. Critical time is 100ms, the 300ms that scans than the surface is more astringent. I try to reduce critical time but when scanning the 2nd times extremely slow, not successful, do not know the reason that is D. Detect have have a list, but translate into is actual fan area list, carriage return hind joins the blemish list of factory class. What open PL-LIST to see at this moment is the gather of the blemish list that the surface scans and scans logically!
7, detect with MHDD, discover red disappears already basically, green piece still has, with elementary with advanced scanning for many times, what green piece also changes is very few! Change with FORMAT format had seen less than having halt! Pc3000: About bad path knowledge (1) to be continued
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