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The entree sheet of PC3k-WD (EB AB BB JB DA) shows Ver 1.5
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The entree sheet of PC3k-WD (EB AB BB JB DA) shows Ver 1.5

1: Disk Firmware Zone
Disk firmware area
1.1Disk Firmware Zone
Disk firmware area
1.1.1 Disk Firmware Surface Test
Surface of hard disk firmware checks (physics of hard disk firmware checks)
1.1.2 Disk Firmware Structure Test
Test of structure of hard disk firmware and view are checked
1.1.3 Disk Firmware Data Read/write
Data of hard disk firmware is read / write Write FW To The Disk
Write FW to hard disk FW To The DATABASE
Add FW to the database FW The DATABASE
Book the database that divide FW
1.1.4Read Modules
Read module
1.1.5 Write Modules
Write module
1.1.6Erase Firmware Area
Cleared firmware limits
1.1.7Change Servo Area SPT
Change servo range
1.1.8Security Subsystem
Safe subsystem
1.2Translator Operations
Transformer operation
1.3Spindle Stop
Main shaft stops turn
1.4Change Time Scale
Change time grade
2: Drive DeScriptIon
Driver depict (change hard disk size)
3: Formatting
Elementary format is changed
3.1Take Into Account PList And GList
Consider PList and GList
3.2Take Into Account PList
Consideration PList
3.3Take Into Account GList
Consideration GList
3.4Do Not Take Into Account Neither PList And GList
PList and GList neither consider
4: Logical Structure Scaning
Logistic structure scans
4.1 | ------------------------------------------|
| Start LBA: X |
| Begin LBA: X |
| End LBA: Xxxxxxxx |
| Passes: 3 |
| The time that pass: 3 |
| Carefulness Index: 3 |
| Careful index |
| Perfrom Writing Test: NO |
| According to write check |
| Verification Instead Of Reading: Yes |
| Desired result is replaced read |
| ------------------------------------------|
5: S.M.A.R.T. Table S.M.A.R.T. Watch
6: Defects Table
Bad path is expressed
6.1View Defects Table
Observe bad path is expressed
6.2Add Physical Track
Add physical track
6.3 Import Logical Defects Table
Input watch of logic bad path
6.4 Clear Defects Table
Cleared bad path watch
6.5 Move G-List To P-List
G-List turns P-List
6.6Group To Tracks
Close track
7: Automatic Mode
From movable mould type
8: Exit