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Beauty of PC3000 V12 MAXTOR gets series menu specification
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1Logical Scanning

2Disk Firmware Zone
2.1Work With Memeory Buffer
2.1.1Menory Buffer Reading
2.1.2Menory Buffer Writing
2.2.1Checking Of Disc FW Structure
2.2.2SA Surface Checking
2.2.3Reading Of The Modules
2.2.4Writing Modules
2.2.5Reading Module Groups
2.2.6Writing Module Groups
2.2.7SA Write Test
2.2.8Modules Repairing (G_LIST) (P-LIST)
2.2.9Transltor Regeneration Regen Translator? NO And YES
2.2.10Ospindle Stop
2.3LDR_file Loading
2.4LDR_file Creation
2.5Security Subsystem
3Disc ID
4Defects Table
4.1View P_list
4.2View G_List
4.3Move G_List Defats To P_List
4.4Erase G_List
4.5Erase G_List And P_List
4.6Inport For From Defectoscope

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