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About writing hard disk firmware
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1. After to load LDR or RAM, not busy move undertakes next, after waiting for hard disk to return on call condition (the 2nd, 4 lights are bright) do downward again. If hard disk cannot return on call condition, can try to use “ electric machinery to stop turn ” command
2. Before writing new firmware, do good backup work without fail
3. Firmware file: In RAM, LDR, RPM, SMB, RAM and LDR independence are mixed at RPM SMB. That is to say, the RPM that B writes after the RAM that can use A and LDR drive hard disk and SMB.
4. Brush after writing firmware must lead plane cuts off the power from case.
5. If kept P watch, must watch of blemish of the redo after low standard.
6. A lot of after striding develop to write firmware, read write slow, can pass restoration 4 module or write a 1E# module to solve.
7. Careful with SELFTEST, the reason sees below one card.

Brush firmware to be sure to keep in mind to act too hastily expostulatory everybody lover, according to the author's experience, detect to those BIOS the hard disk parameter that go out is disorder, or have a large number of bad ways, read write speed to surprise slow hard disk, do not be eager to brushing firmware in disorder please, can try to undertake detecting with general module first, cleared bad path watch, close machine is new start, scan next bad path, afresh low standard, meeting occurrence miracle, of course, if you have time to be able to be used,detect accurately module detects, the effect is best. Be no good really the module that can run corresponding shop sign, cleared P-LIST, G-LIST, the function such as S.A.M.R.T replacement is operated, this kind of option has apparent effect to S.A.M.R.T mistake, at this o'clock you can get test and verify in S.A.M.R.T item of information. But I still want keep an eye on are not eager to brushing firmware in disorder, issue ability to do this work in the circumstance that does not have method only, its measure should be to back up first primitive firmware (had saved restore in order to have) , brush firmware again, do such as hard disk to detect afresh finally, scanning, add bad path list, in-house format to change wait for the job. Because the author is the staff member that makes design of soft, hardware, involve sheet piece the process designing of the parts of an apparatus such as chip of machine, DSP, EEPROM, those who know very well PC3000 is alleged brush firmware, it is the online process designing of afore-mentioned pair of chip actually, its have the port address of strict definition each, the most current address should have unified level, the PC that waits for its address whole world like IDE0, IDE1 is consistent, but the of all kinds hard disk that manufacturer of each hard disk produces is right the address of port of online process designing of afore-mentioned chip may differ somewhat, and manufacturer is confidential, in addition although you know an address, knowing to keep what data however also is no use, because this is the working code that writes hard disk, and the PCB of hard disk control plate is different its code is endless also and same, the firmware that everybody collects all hard disk impossibly also is used for you.
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