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Pc3000v12 fosters cordial relations between states " United States getting "
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Beauty of “ of Pc3000v12 foster cordial relations between countries gets ”
When switching on the mobile phone, do not receive on repaired hard disk, jump first line factory mode, open PCMX-DSP module ~ to was not received dish without any clew
Receive on option jumps out instantly after hard disk (at that time dish it is not to turn) , choice ”ATHENA“ (the mark on circuit board has) after joining LDR, choose most below, dish begin to rise instantly turn clew has И of MAH of И of H of green ” В E“ succeeds for to load, add RAM clew to have И of MAH of И of H of green ” В again E“ succeeds for to load! Choose 1 junior enter advocate operation menu (should notice to have below the window hint without ERR, have should come again afresh)
Advocate operation menu function: 1 it is basic rehabilitate 2 it is P-G-LIST watch operation 3 exit
1-2-2 is save firmware
1-2-3 is write firmware
2-1 is to examine LIST~
2-2 is G-P~
2-3 is ~ of watch of clear empty G

Brush postheat to pull out ~ restores to jump line ~ closes machine receive again on dish of has repaired ~~OK~
The firmware very few model that brushs a kind to must not change another ~2B020H1 is divisional unlike IBM, look for backup of a few good hard disk more, RAM, LDR, MOD cannot part ~ of confused to load hints ERR~ behaves not successfully otherwise: 1 roll stops ~2 to start after admit dish for ATHENA (it is 2B020H1 normally)
Do not have maintenance value dish: Dish what magnetic head makes a round trip shake sound (very in a low voice) this kind many dishes if changed scrubbing brush firmware,be ~ of magnetic head problem bad be this is planted sound 90% it is hopeless ~

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