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PC-3000 fundamental
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Among them, PC-3000 has begun to be known stage by stage by Chinese user, its main job principle is:

Defeat the hard disk that explains all sorts of type the instruction collect of special CPU, unscramble the F Irmware of all sorts of hard disk, the interior that controls hard disk thereby works, parameter module reads interior of implementation hard disk write and of module of hard disk program call, achieve finally with software rehabilitate the purpose of a variety of hard disk blemish. Among them of the most professional function have: Rescript hard disk is in-house almost all parameter! By interior of hard disk of factory means scanning blemish is recorded join several module accordingly in hard disk interior! Undertake by factory means in-house and elementary format is changed. Can support the hard disk of major model, come from 40MB 200GB. Integrated tool “PC-3000” basically uses soft hardware professional rehabilitate the IDE hard disk of all sorts of model, the capacity comes from 20MB 200GB, supportive hard disk produces manufacturer: Uantum of Seagate, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Q, Samsung, Maxtor, Conner, IBM, HP, Kalok, Teac, Daeyoung, And Xebec. To the rehabilitate of hard disk through using special hard disk working mode achieves PC-3000, can be opposite below special working mode hard disk undertakes as follows operating:

1, in-house and elementary format is changed;
2, rescript collect of small yard of hard disk interior;
3, parameter of adapting hard disk marks;
4, area of examination blemish fan or blemish track, use the replacement, means rehabilitate that replace or jumps over oversight blemish;
5, readjust interior parameter;
6, logic is cut off (namely taboo) the magnetic head of blemish;
7, S.M.A.R.T. Parameter restoration. . . . . .

With the main work rules of PC-3000 rehabilitate hard disk
The test function of “PC-3000” gets stuck- - “PC-3000 PRO” must be installed and the job is on common PC lead plane (the computer of 386 above) , need takes up the 160MB space of hard disk of PC lead plane. Wait for repaired hard disk to must be received in " PC-3000 PRO " on, put through + 5V, 12V power source (power source of common PC standard) . Basic HDD detects is by among them general tool " PC-3000 AT " will finish. Detect the result will be shown to be on the screen of PC, OK will detect as a result memory perhaps is printed for disk file come out.
The course that passes “PC-3000” rehabilitate hard disk is automatic on degree quite, and handlers does not require a lot of professional knowledge. Average user is OK below the help of this tool the blemish hard disk that 50 % control repair; And of principle of certain and perfectness hardware repair an user, if know structure of hard disk interior, can repair the blemish hard disk of 80% above. Test function gets stuck " PC-3000 PRO " the necessary passageway that is hard disk of “PC-3000” software control.
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