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With Maxtor of PC3000 V12 rehabilitate and Quantum series hard disk
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Elder brother vacates hard disk the commonnest bad is firmware meeting occurrence problem (with the about the same) that strides develop, if if be bad,of course, that is repaired with PC3000 V12 rising is simple more then. Here my illustrate the method of the rehabilitate after occurrence problem of firmware of Quantum Fireball Lct 10 15 (15G)
1.After firmware occurrence problem, average performance does not identify hard disk to be in COMS, the capacity is not had after perhaps identifying hard disk, appear other English code. The size that having again is hard disk is distinct shrink decrescent.
2.It is good to want repair at this moment the firmware that the method with this the basiccest hard disk is hard disk of new to load, of course this strong point that also is PC3000 V12. As a result of now a lot of netizen is used D edition PC3000 V12, such word has module of that many firmware and structural page not complete. But the hard disk model that if there are the hard disk of a become reconciled and you to want on your hand,builds is same, such you can make such LDR file and the module group that answer relatively with PC3000 V12.
3.The hard disk that finds your place to want to repair in PC3000 V12 is one to one correspondence, I am with Quantum Fireball Lct 10 15 exemple. After SHELL is keyed in below DOS, after the PCQULCT 10 below choice QUANTUM presses carriage return, PC3000 V12 undertakes pair of hard disk detect, detect there is type of a few hard disks after needing, the model that you choose to repair hard disk correspondence can. After here chooses Fireball Lct 10 15.0, we press carriage return, enter entree sheet, we will see 10 option. FollowingPc3000 Ver.12 elder brother is vacated reach sheet of the entree that stride develop to show VER.2.32
1.Servo Test
2.Surface Test
3.Disc Firmware Zone
4.Disc ID
5.Logical Scanning
6.S.M.A.R.T Table
7.Defects Table
8.Automatic Mode

We choose the 3rd soft firmware area to hard disk to undertake operating.
Choose file of LDR of 3.4 to load. After here chooses PCQLCT10.LDR, we bolt by carriage return you can see the twinkle with the condition ceaseless register below, this makes clear to load, after to load is successful, we choose part with value of to load CP# . If succeed completely after to load, we restart computer or exit enter PC3000AT to fall to undertake detecting afresh, you can discover hard disk so was fostered cordial relations between states, ah
Noting his to post here is to can share research PC3000 V12 jointly with netizens only, do not have other utility.

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