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The maintenance result of 2B020H1 hard disk
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The breakdown of hard disk: Can to load LDR and RAM, restoration 4 module are normal, but after the new computer that start, still be breakdown as before, at that time I ran DG, discovery can detect hard disk, and OK and elementary format is changed, the firmware that belongs to hard disk via the analysis has a problem, but these dish they had been repaired, and do not have foster cordial relations between states! Said circuit board changed possibly also again, over there him the hard disk edition of businesslike source, and can the problem of repair firmware, look now, the kongfu of efficiency source is not excellent still! Actually a lot of maintenance functions did not put the Liang Xiaoning that I listen to a netizen to say efficiency source, look they still withheld a lot of things, after I analysed the breakdown of this hard disk, begin to maintain, above all my to load LDR and RAM are successful, restoration 4 module, succeed entirely, brush afresh again next kept MOD file, but breakdown as before, at that time I suspect these hard disk passed countless devastate, behaving the label in hard disk is false entirely, such how do we treat type! I also brushed MOD, was this hard disk abandoned? Look I study even carefully, the hard disk that used manufacturer at that time analyses self-educated go back to work to provide oneself, passed the time of about 15 hours, did not move all the time in the hundred place of 78, I stopped, detect with MHDD next, hard disk is completely normal, and detect do not have any problem, next I am useful PC3000 detects, discovering present encode is 2B015H1, TMD is become by person devastate actually such, used a lot of tools to detect without the problem, so far success.
Admonish: Each netizen is being brushed when writing firmware, ten million notices hard disk whether by person devastate, other maintenance business is very sodden here! Nevertheless I had fostered cordial relations between states

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